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Graffiti has been on the rise with younger generations. They use spray paint to express their beliefs and rebel against the government. A new form of graffiti has been hitting the streets in more progressive areas of the world: moss graffiti. Moss graffiti is creating alley art, but instead of using spray paint as a […]

TOPIC 1: YOUR GOALS — These were my three goals that i wanted to achieve at the beginning of the class, posted below. Topic 1: GOALS- Now that you’re committed to taking Photojournalism this term, what are your THREE goals for this class? 1. Learn to generate interesting questions to ask my subject(s). 2. Take […]

TOPIC 1 – TURNING PRO — After reading the short textbook chapter on “Turning Pro,” think about what it takes to pursue photojournalism as a career, or even a serious hobby. I have dreamed of becoming a photojournalist for many years. This class was my real first look into the subject other than reading National Geographic […]

WEEK 8 MEDIA BLOG POST TOPIC 1: TECHNOLOGY/INNOVATION —  As the textbook notes and as we saw in the series of Eastman House videos, the history of photojournalism mirrors advances in technology along with innovation.   I think the most important technological innovation in the history of photojournalism was the invention of the candid camera. This […]

On Tuesday nights at 7 pm, the Albany Parks and Rec. hosts dodgeball matches at Timber Ridge High School. There are four different teams, at the moment, and also players who do not associate with a team. There is an adult league and a kid’s league, both are co-ed. Each team plays the other in […]

Sebastiao Salgado was born in 1944 in Aimores, Brazil. He grew up on his family farm until he moved to Paris, France at the age of 15. He studied economics, an interest sparked from the war going on in Brazil. In the 1970’s he started photographing when he realized his passion for the subject on […]